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    The summary of the 92nd day of war in Ukraine – towns under missile fire, Kadyrov speaks about Kremlin's next target [VIDEO]

    Ukrainians have been defending themselves against the Russian invasion for 92 days. According to the Ukrainian command, the situation in Donbas is deteriorating. The invaders are shooting at the defenders of the homeland along the entire front line. In turn, Ramzan Kadyrov threatened that Chechen fighters would attack Poland “if there was an order to do so”. He also demanded an apology “for the situation with the Russian ambassador.”


    During the last 24 hours, Uman, Chmielnicki, and surrounding towns came under missile fire. The Russians are shelling Lisiczańsk. 8 apartment blocks and a humanitarian aid centre were destroyed. In Severodonetsk, 11 apartment blocks and a commercial building suffered damage.


    Meanwhile, Ramzan Kadyrov, a Chechen leader fully dependent on Vladimir Putin, has threatened that Poland will be the Kremlin’s next target. 


    Watch the video below ⤵️


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