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    Russians set up a “corpse landfill” in a supermarket in Mariupol [PHOTO 18+]

    Russians are bringing the corpses of people to one of the supermarkets in Mariupol, Petro Andriushchenko, Advisor to Mariupol Mayor, the Russian-occupied city in southeastern Ukraine, reported on Sunday. He published a photo showing bodies lying near the store’s cash registers.

    “Mariupol. Another terrible discovery,” Advisor to the Mayor informs on Telegram. He reports that on the premises of Shchyryi Kum supermarket on Svobody Avenue, the Russians have arranged a “corpse landfill.”


    “Russians are bringing here the bodies of the fallen, which were washed out from graveyards when they attempted to restore water supply and partially those that were exhumed. They are simply piling them like waste,” Andriushchenko reports and publishes a photo of the bodies lying on the floor by the store’s cash registers.


    “The photo is new. It is a clear demonstration of inhumanity and threats of the epidemic,” he stresses.





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