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    4th anniversary of Prime Minister Jan Olszewski’s death

    Today, February 7, 2023, is the fourth death anniversary of Jan Olszewski. He was Poland’s first non-communist prime minister.

    “On this day in 2019 Jan Olszewski, member of the Grey Ranks, collaborator with the KOR (Workers’ Defence Committee – ed.) and the Movement for the Defense of Human and Civil Rights, defender of oppositionists in political trials during the People’s Republic of Poland, prime minister in 1991-1992, advisor to President Lech Kaczynski, judge at the State Tribunal, died,”

    the Institute of National Remembrance recalled on Twitter. 

    Jan Olszewski was born on August 20, 1930, in Warsaw. Jan Olszewski was a scout of the Grey Ranks. In the Warsaw Uprising, he was supposed to serve as a liaison, but the quick end of the fighting in Praga deprived him of the possibility of active participation. After the Soviets entered Poland, he participated in anti-communist underground activity for a year. 

    On December 6, 1991, he headed the first non-communist government of a reborn Poland. His government implemented the vetting resolution of May 28, 1992. On June 4, 1992, it was overthrown by the defenders of the “round table.” Jan Olszewski passed away on February 7, 2019.

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