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    Patchwork Families. Exhibition and author meeting in Warsaw

    On June 1st in Służew Centre of Culture will take place an interview with Jarosław Murawski, the author of “Patchwork Family” (Polish: “Paczłorkowcy”). It’s an event related to the exhibition of artworks under the same name, done by Maja Wolna – an artist who illustrated the book. Together, they will talk about the process of creating and publishing their story.

    “Patchwork Family” is a children’s book about a boy whose parents are divorced. In a humorous way, he talks about his dad’s pregnant wife and his mom’s new partner. He’s old enough for his opinions to be respected by his parents, so he gets to decide which partners are accepted and which aren’t. “Patchwork Family” is a story about convoluted familial bonds, daily-life struggles and growing up in an atypical family.

    Jarosław Murawski – a journalist, screenwriter and director of plays – wrote this book to show those patchwork families became a ubiquitous part of social scenery. They are portrayed in illustrations drawn by Maja Wolna. She was brought into the project to enrich the book with slightly abstract illustrations that allow young readers to develop creative thinking and an understanding of metaphors. Recently her artworks were brought into the big format and displayed in a solo exhibition.

    The exhibition is placed in the foyer of the Służew Centre of Culture. It’s open every day 9 A.M. –9 P.M. and the entry is free. Book interview with Jarosław Murawski and Maja Wolna will start at 6 P.M.


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