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    There is an indictment in the case of a rapper and his friend

    The District Attorney’s Office in Warsaw Mokotów has filed an indictment against Michał M., known as the rapper “Mata”. His friend will sit on the defendant’s bench together with him. Both will be held responsible for possession of marihuana.

    A spokesperson for the District Attorney’s Office in Warsaw said that the indictment against Michał M. was sent to the District Court for Warsaw Mokotów on 31 May by the District Attorney’s Office. “Michał M. was charged with possession of a drug in the form of cannabis herb other than fibre, with a total net weight of 1.45 grams,” the DA reported.


    The indictment also covers another man, an acquaintance of “Mata”. Investigators charged him with possession of 0.39 grams of marijuana. “They both admitted to the alleged act and gave explanations,” added the attorney. 


    The arrest of “Mata” and his friend took place at the end of January 2022 on one of the streets in Upper Mokotów. Police officers on patrol noticed two men who started to behave nervously when they saw them.


    They may face up to 3 years in prison for possession of drugs. 


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