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    Lukashenko wants concessions from the UN. At the same time, he and Putin are robbing Ukraine

    From the very beginning, Belarus has supported Russian aggression against Ukraine. The invasion launched on 24 February, in addition to the drama for Ukrainians, could threaten food problems around the world. Alexander Lukashenko has assured that he will agree to transit Ukrainian grain through Belarus, but not for free. It turns out that the equipment worth millions of dollars stolen from the Chernobyl power plant is not enough for him.

    The war-induced suspension of grain shipments from the “granary of the world” is one of the biggest global consequences of Putin’s decision. The head of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in Africa, Abebe Haile-Gabriel, in an interview with Reuters, recalled that nearly half of the continent’s 54 countries depend on wheat imports from Russia or Ukraine.


    Recently, however, the Russian dictator was said to have agreed to increase the supply of fertilisers and agricultural products, but in return, he wanted sanctions lifted. The Belarusian dictator, Alexander Lukashenko, has also extended a “helping,” greedy hand towards the world. As reports, Belarus will agree to transit Ukrainian grain on one condition – it must be profitable.


    “At the same time, the most important thing, which was mentioned during the conversation, is that these ports (Germany, Poland, Baltic countries) should be opened also for Belarusian goods. In other words, creating conditions for the transit of Ukrainian grain, the ports that will serve them should be able to load goods also from Belarus,” Lukashenko was quoted by the Belarusian ANT television channel.


    The Belarusian dictator, this proposal was addressed to the UN Secretary-General. Antonio Guterres is to discuss the issue with the leaders of the countries concerned and set the terms of supply. The answer is expected in a few days. 


    First, they will get a slice of the cake and then commit the robbery


    Lukashenko’s country regularly supports the Putin regime in its aggression against Ukraine. The Washington Post reports that millions of dollars are also flowing into the country of Putin’s ally. It concerns equipment stolen from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. It turned out that it largely ended up in Belarus.


    “We see that some of it are on Belarusian territory, along the border. And some of it is moving through the territory of Belarus – Gomel, Minsk and other places,” says Yevhen Kramarenko, head of the State Agency for Exclusion Zone Management.


    The findings are to be based on GPS transmitters installed in the equipment, which left the facility on 31 March, along with the Russians. However, the location was still transmitted by them. The cost of replacing damaged and stolen equipment from the Chernobyl plant is estimated at $135 million.


    Anti-cooperation direction


    It is worth adding that the European Union today extended sanctions to Belarus. The restrictions were to cover, among others, the former head of the State Security Committee Andrei Parshin, the head of the Central Election Commission Igor Karpenko and “Lukashenko’s wallet”, oligarch Alexey Oleksin. Seven companies are also to be affected by the restrictions.




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