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    Moments of horror in the centre of Gdańsk. A driver drove into people at a mall

    One person was taken to hospital after an incident in the centre of Gdansk. At night, a 30-year-old man drove a rented car into Długa street, which is a pedestrian zone. He hit two people and then hit a lamp post. He tried to run away.

    According to the police press officer in Gdansk Mariusz Chrzanowski, around 2 a.m., officers were informed that a car was driving down Długa Street in Gdansk.


    A patrol was sent to the spot. A 30-year-old man was detained on ul. Chmielna in Gdansk. Police officers also reached two people who had been hit by the man – Chrzanowski reported. One of them was taken to hospital.


    “The driver was sober. A blood sample will be taken to examine banned substances’ presence in the driver,” the press officer added.


    Police officers are establishing and questioning witnesses and checking CCTV. The detained 30-year-old from Gdańsk was taken into police custody.



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