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    They had stolen cars in Germany and then were caught in Poland

    Officers from the Maritime Regional Unit of the Border Guard detained four people who, according to investigators, were involved in car thefts. Three persons were taken into custody. The guards secured two cars and dozens of parts.

    Border guards spotted a group involved in stealing cars after a routine check of drivers in May in Wielkopolskie voivodship. As conveyed by the spokesperson of the Commander of the Marine Unit of the Border Guard in Gdansk, Lieutenant Commander Andrzej Juźwiak, the cars were going to a “hole” in one of the towns near Poznań.


    “First, border guards checked a hybrid Toyota Auris driven by a 35-year-old from Gdynia in the Komorniki municipality. A few hours later, they stopped a 56-year-old man, also from Gdynia, who was driving Toyota Yaris,” Juźwiak explained.


    He added that both cars had been stolen in Berlin a few days earlier. “Both vehicles had false number plates attached, the original ones were in the boot of the cars,” he explained. He indicated that the total value of the vehicles is about PLN 100 thousand.


    In addition, officers arrested a 48-year-old resident of Gdańsk, who – according to investigators – also participated in organising the theft of cars.


    After presenting the charges, the District Court in Gdansk applied a preventive measure in the form of pre-trial detention for 3 months against all three residents of the Tri-city.


    On the premises of the “hole,” to which the detained cars were transported, the Border Guard officers revealed, inter alia, a stolen gearbox and secured several dozens of car parts for further mechanoscopic examination.


    “The owner of the company, a 52-year-old man from the Poznań district, has also been detained and, after presenting charges, preventive non-detention measures have been invoked against him,” a spokesman for the Commander of the Marine Unit of the Border Guard in Gdansk stressed.


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