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    Rebellion of judges

    “The questioning of the status of judges and the validity of their judgments, challenges the constitutional foundations of the rule of law. It could lead to legal chaos in Poland. ” These are the words of the government’s position statement on the situation of the administration of justice in Poland. As is stressed in the government’s document, this statement is related to the actions of some judges who, through their public speeches and actions, question the status of other judges.

     ”For sure, we will take into account solutions adopted earlier by our friends from the European Union, where the judges are part of the society, with the mission to serve that society, defend their rights, justice and civil rights. We want the judges in Poland to serve in the same fashion” – says Marek Suski, Law and Justice.

     ”The code of ethics for judges spells out precisely in the article 3 and 3A that any relationships or contacts with parties of a legal dispute are absolutely unacceptable, particularly objectionable and might lead to suspicion of bias of such judge. The regulations are clear” – says Marcin Warchoł, Deputy Minister of Justice.

     ”As far as politicians of the United Right are concerned, the participation of judges taking part in last Sunday’s demonstrations, along with the politicians from the opposition is highly disturbing. It creates serious doubts as to the unbiased position of those judges in regards to the political situation in Poland. As we have learned, the regulations in France and Germany are being analyzed in order to adopt the articles to discipline the judges for being involved in a political debate. Unofficially, we were told that the new bill is to be introduced to the lower house – Sejm, regulating that kind of responsibility of the judges. Today’s statement of the government seems to be its prelude”- says Aleksandra Zarzycka , TV Republika.


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