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    Corpse found in the burnt-out bus. It is probably a missing 18-year-old

    Firefighters called to a burning vehicle in Krzczonów (Myślenice district) and found a charred corpse. The passenger bus belonged to one of the local transport companies.

    RMF24 reported on the macabre discovery of firefighters in Krzczonów. The fire brigade was informed on 13 June by a witness, who noticed a burning car, parked on a forest road by the river. When the fire was brought under control, a corpse was spotted in the car. It was located on one of the passenger seats of a bus designed for transporting people.


    Super Express, in turn, reported that the burnt bus was stolen from one of Krzczonowo’s companies on Sunday. Gazeta Krakowska established that on Monday morning, the Myślenice district police station received a report that an 18-year-old from the Myślenice district was missing. Relatives lost contact with him on Sunday morning.


    As reported by the Myślenice Fire Brigade, the cause of the car fire is unknown at this time.





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