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    Bus fire in Krzczonów. We know the results of the autopsy

    A macabre discovery has been made by firefighters intervening in a burning bus in Krzczonów. A completely burnt body of a man was found in the vehicle. The attorney’s office has already had an autopsy carried out but it is still waiting for the results of DNA tests.

    Firefighters intervened in the burning bus in Krzczonów on Monday. They were informed about the fire by the inhabitants of the town. After putting out the fire, the firefighters made a macabre discovery. 


    The body of a man was found in the vehicle. According to initial information, it was supposed to be an 18-year-old wanted by the police, who had probably been murdered. However, after an autopsy, investigators ruled out the involvement of third parties in the incident.


    As reported by RMF FM, the identity of the man found in the vehicle is still unknown. The latest findings suggest that the cause of the death could have been carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of a fire, probably caused by a cigarette butt.


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