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    Kupała Night under the stars – an open-air concert

    On June 21st falls Kupala Night, a Slavic holiday which celebrates the summer solstice. For that occasion, at the Księcia Janusza Park in Warsaw will take place a concert of contemporary Polish music and art performances. Among the artists will be DJ Beniovska, Łukasz Horbów and Anna Jankojć.

    The concert “Wave of Sound 83” is organized by a contemporary art association Third Wave which promotes lesser-known and underground artists. They organize concerts, and performances and release Polish avant-garde music on CDs.

    Beniovska is a DJ and a resident of alHara Radio of Palestine. She participated in Unsound Festival in Krakow and Collective TV Boiler Room. She mostly plays in clubs but also composes experimental pieces. She also conducts lectures on the theory and exercises of experimental music.

    Łukasz Horbów is a visual artist who focuses on spatial development, sound and poetry. After finishing the Academy of Fine Arts, he established the Self-House Residency – a centre of underground culture. Now he took on dancing and theatre and is developing new art forms in them.

    Anna Jankojć is a filmmaker, documentalist, photographer and performer. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Fife College in Edinburgh, as well as Philosophy at Warsaw University. In her art, she incorporates aesthetic theories, especially the phenomenology of perception, thanks to which she includes the audience in her performances.

    The event starts at 6 P.M. and will last 4.5 hours. It will be hosted by Agnieszka Saks, an artist and coordinator of “Ekosystem” and “Picasso Woli” projects. The entry is free.


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