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    The heroes of the Warsaw Battle will be commemorated

    On December 5, we will get to know the details of the competition for the monument to the Warsaw Battle, which is to be erected at “Na Rozdrożu” Square – the press department of the city of Warsaw informed. The architectural and sculpting competition procedure is to start on Friday, December 6.

    The court that will select the winning project consists of fifteen people. Among them are Deputy Minister of Culture Jarosław Sellin, President of the Council of Warsaw Ewa Malinowska-Grupińska and two councilors: Piotr Mazurek (PiS) and Tomasz Żyłka (KO), as well as experts – architects, urban planners and sculptors. The resolution to erect a monument commemorating the Warsaw Battle of 1920 on “Na Rozdrożu” Square was almost unanimously supported by Warsaw councilors in July this year with one abstention vote. There were doubts whether it will be possible to unveil the monument for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw, but now there are voices both from the ministry and councilors that the chance to meet the deadline of August 15, 2020 still exists.

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