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    The crucial mission

    Jarosław Kaczyński’s resignation from the government was noticeable and expected. He had already announced it at the time of his appointment as deputy prime minister, recently also in an interview with “Gazeta Polska.”

    Leader Kaczyński took up this position to fulfil a crucial task, to prepare an Act on Defence of the Homeland. For it to be created and effectively adopted, it was necessary to have political support at the highest level, to coordinate the work of many ministries, often having divergent interests. It was essential to build a majority around it in the Sejm, the Polish Parliament, and then in the Senate, which did not seem easy at first, but turned out to be possible. Finally, it was necessary to find sources of financing and build public support. All this was done, and it seemed indisputable that Jarosław Kaczyński had fulfilled his mission. Furthermore, he did it at the most difficult possible moment. Had we not had such a law, Poland would be in a much more difficult situation today. We would still be looking for legal and financial tools to increase the country’s security. Jarosław Kaczyński will surely make history with this Act, among many other significant achievements.


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