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    Police found 20 stolen vehicles with a value of PLN 1 million approx. [PHOTOS]

    Police in Lower Silesia found 20 stolen cars from France and Germany. The value is estimated at nearly PLN 1 million. Policemen from Lower Silesia were working on this case for almost two years. In order to find the criminals who stole cars abroad, the Police cooperated with policemen from several countries. The established network and Intensive and long-lasting work resulted in the recovery of property of considerable value and the detention of the persons responsible for this crime.

    The cars stolen from France and Germany were located and secured by officers in many safe houses across Poland. The list of 20 recovered cars included luxury models of brands such as Jaguar and BMW. People responsible for this criminal practice were detained in the course of the operations.

    The policemen also secured several weapons, for example, two pistols and one machine gun. 

    This successful case is related to the investigation conducted by the Wrocław District Prosecutor’s Office since 2016, in which 100 people have already been convicted.



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