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    Lack of electricity and a big hole in the block of flats. This is how they live in the occupied Mariupol [VIDEO]

    An adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, who is loyal to the authorities in Kyiv, Petro Andriushchenko, published a video today showing the inside of a ruined apartment block, where people live despite the lack of electricity and massive destruction. This city in the southeast of Ukraine is under Russian forces’ control.

    “Mariupol. This is how people live there. So that the occupiers won’t reiterate that ‘Ukrainian authorities of Mariupol create some fake narrative’, I send the video from my neighbours’ flat. It’s from my house in Mariupol in the Left Bank district. A neighbouring flat, wall to wall with mine,” we read in the Andriuszczenko’s Telegram. 


    The footage shows a destroyed flat and a breach in the block stretching from the roof to the very ground.


    “And people are still living in this building. Without electricity and without hope of changing their place of residence. They live in flats and in the part of the building that survived,” he added.


    As Andriushchenko pointed out, at the same time Russians in the media show how living conditions in the city have allegedly improved.





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