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    Today we celebrate the Polish Blueberry Day

    The Polish Blueberry Day is a symbolic beginning of the blueberry harvest in our country. According to the tradition, the first tasting was made by the youngest member of the blueberry community. This year it was 11-month-old Mikołaj Wichlacz from Dobrzany, in the Stargard county, in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

    The first Polish blueberries have just appeared. It is a favourite superfruit of nutritionists, delicious in taste, perfect as fresh fruit, as well as in the form of preserves. Its taste values are appreciated by both children, adults and the elderly. Their advantages are often used by chefs. Blueberries from Polish plantations will be available only for 3 months. Let us enjoy them and the values on which the growers of this fruit base their success. The inauguration of the season was accompanied by words of thanks and respect for the work in harvesting and caring for the shrubs all year round.


    The parents of the “blueberry king” (Mikolaj) today farm over a 10-hectare plantation in Kepno. They believe that the success of blueberries is made by people who harvest fruit in the summer and who take care of the shrubs all year round. Misfortune is always there when the fruit remains in the fields. In the case of blueberries, it is more often said about what is the happiness of growers. A situation when seasonal workers, with a smile on their faces, return to become part of the blueberry family and help with the next harvest.


    “We would like to thank them and say that they deserve great respect for their hard work and commitment,” said Dominika and Marek Wichlacz, parents of the “blueberry king”.


    The favourite superfruit of nutritionists


    Blueberry has conquered the rankings of the healthiest fruit in the world. In Poland, it won the title of the favourite fruit of nutritionists this year. The pre-season plebiscite was organized by the largest industry portal


    “Blueberries have rightly earned the title of a superfruit. They are invaluable in preventing risk factors of diseases of affluence. Atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity or metabolic syndrome. They slow down the ageing processes of cells, including brain cells, have anti-radical properties and protect DNA structures. In addition, they are a low-energy product with high nutritional density, rich in active plant compounds with pro-health effects,” says Dr Justyna Bylinowska, dietician, editor-in-chief of


    What is most important, however, is that blueberries are delicious, perfect as a fresh, frozen, freeze-dried fruit, as well as in the form of juices, jams and purees. Their taste values are appreciated by both children, adults and the elderly. Their advantages are often used by chefs.

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