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    Poland to build multi-mission ‘Miecznik’ frigates

    Poland is going to build 3 Arrowhead 140PL multi-mission ‘Miecznik’ frigates. It will be the largest procurement deal in the history of the Polish Navy. Construction of the first Polish multi-mission ‘Miecznik’ frigates will begin in August next year. The consortium responsible for the largest naval modernisation programme of the Polish Army declares that three ships of this type will be delivered to the navy in 2028, 2029 and 2031.

    The programme for the construction of three coastal defence ships of the multi-missile ‘Miecznik’ frigate, is currently the most important naval modernisation programme. As announced, they are to combat enemy surface and submarine vessels, all types of aircraft (drones, aircraft and helicopters) and, to a limited extent, ground targets. (


    Representatives of the consortium revealed during a press conference which took place on April 4 a preliminary schedule for the delivery of ‘Miecznik’ to the Polish Navy. As Marcin Ryngwelski, president of Remontowa Shipbuilding, explained, two sections of the ship (each about 40m long) will be built at each shipyard participating in the programme, and their joining will take place at the PGZ Naval Shipyard.


    “Poland is building 3 Arrowhead 140PL multi-mission Miecznik frigates in what will be the largest procurement deal in the history of the Polish Navy. The frigates will be nearly 140 meters long and will be crewed by 120 sailors,” news and media website Visegrad24 on Facebook and add a photo.

    credits to: Visegrad24 



    Earlier this year (March 4), the Consortium PGZ-Miecznik informed about agreeing on strategic cooperation with industrial partners in the UK. (


    The Miecznik programme includes the development, construction and delivery of three frigate-class surface ships with an Integrated Combat System (ZSW) in the years 2021-2034. The PGZ-MIECZNIK Consortium, consisting of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A., PGZ Stocznia Wojenna Sp. z o.o. and Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. The implementation of the project in Poland will create approximately 2,000 jobs in shipyards, armament companies and other industrial sectors directly involved in the project. 

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