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    Baloniada z BGK – an event that cannot be missed

    This year, on the 27th of August, Ogrodzieniec Castle has set its sights on an event (Polish: Baloniada z BGK) in the form of an aerial picnic connected with hot air balloons. Throughout the day, the castle grounds will be open to stands with flight simulators, kites, mock-ups, a gyro trainer, a bicycle with a built-in Lilienthal wing, a Foka5 glider, and stands with art workshops for children, games and activities about aviation. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

    According to the organisers, there will also be stands where you can learn how a balloon flies and how to steer it. Later in the afternoon, tethered balloons will be set up on the grounds. If the weather conditions are favourable, there will be the opportunity to enjoy a tethered flight in anticipation of the night balloon show.


    In the meantime, flights will take place over Ogrodzieniec Castle, where pilots will compete in an accuracy competition. In the evening, the long-awaited spectacular show of illuminating balloons with torches to the rhythm of music is planned. A replica of the Montgolfier brothers’ balloon will take part in the show as well as the tethered flights.


    The Helipoland company has pledged that throughout the event, there will be the opportunity to enjoy a tourist helicopter flight over the ruins of Ogrodzieniec Castle and the nearby Birów Rocks.


    It is worth planning your stay at the Castle from the very beginning of the event because one of the biggest surprises that the organisers have prepared for all the guests is the competition with “SUPER AWARDS.” The competitions will be run by an announcer during the event. There is one more surprise waiting for the guests, unfortunately, the organisers do not want to reveal the details. There is nothing left to do but go to the event and see for yourself that it is worth it.


    The link to the tickets is embedded in this text.


    Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (Polish national development bank- editor’s note) is the title sponsor of this year’s ‘Baloniada z BGK’.


    Partners of the event are also Lotto. Radość wygrywania and the Katowice Special Economic Zone S.A.





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