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    HeroON – modern patriotism in Poland

    The 78th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising on August 1 will be connected with the launch of the nationwide social and educational campaign ‘HeroON- turn on history’. This is the 7th edition of the campaign created to thank the participants of the Warsaw Uprising and help those in need. Also, the organizers want to spread education on the subject of such an important event for our national identity.

    This year’s edition of HeroON has a new, free, virtual dimension. As part of the project ‘Proud of the insurgents’, a special website was created, where everyone can post their own entry, and express their gratitude to the Warsaw Insurgents with words, photos and videos. The action will last 63 days, exactly the same number as the Warsaw insurgents’ fight in 1944. The entry can be max. 25 words long which also relates to the length of the messages sent by a functionating field mail in the Polish lands operated by the Home Army. The participants can also tag their cities and invite others to participate in the campaign on social media. After October 2, the possibility of adding entries will be closed until August 1 of the following year.

    “In this edition of the campaign, we refer to internet users from Poland in order to expand the total reach, build a community that will be proud of our history and maximize the memory of the heroes of the fights from 78 years ago. Our dream is that there will be as many markers as possible from different parts of Poland on the internet map and they will symbolize evidence of memory, added both by private individuals and institutions, companies or schools. We plan to extend the markers beyond the borders of Poland,” Agnieszka Łesiuk-Krajewska, organizer of the campaign ‘HeroON- turn on history’ says.



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