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    ICF Canoe-Kayak Sprint 2022 Halifax, Canada – amazing performance of Polish canoeists!

    Polish canoeists won 7 medals during ICF Canoe-Kayak Sprint 2022 in Halifax, Canada. Both Polish men and women are coming back home with medals! The sports meeting in Canada was a great success for our representatives! Congratulations!

    A list of Polish medals:

    Naja, Puławska, Putto, Kąkol won a gold medal in the women’s 500m,

    Koliadych  won a gold medal in the men’s C1 200m,

    Głazunow and Barniak won a silver medal in the C2 men’s 500m,

    Kitewski, Śliwiński, Głazunow and Zezula won the silver medal in the men’s C4 1000m,

    Szczerbińska, Jacewicz, Szperkiewicz and Walczak won the silver medal in the women’s C4 500m,

    Naja and Puławska won a gold medal in women’s K2 500m,

    Kitewski and Szczerbińska won a bronze medal in the non-Olympic C2 Mix 500m.

    According to the official website canoeicf, Poland’s women’s K4 finally broke through for their first ever world championship gold medal. In a surprising result, former women’s K4 powerhouses Germany, Hungary and New Zealand all finished out of the medals, with Australia taking silver and a young Mexican crew winning their first world championship medal. 

    “We have been waiting for a gold medal for 13 years, so it’s been a lot of time,” Pulawska said.

    “Now we are really happy. Our next stop is the European championships so we hope we can be strong again. We are super motivated to win this.”

    “A picture worth more than words. We have the first-ever world champions in K4 500 meters! Karolina Naja, Anna Puławska, Dominika Putto, Adrianna Kąkol. And 7 minutes earlier, unexpected gold in C1 200 for Alex Koliadych!”,  journalist Filip Górecki published on Twitter.


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