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    Free city of Hong Kong

    A great march took place in the streets of Hong Kong today. Thousands of people dressed in black marched, chanting slogans regarding the defense of human rights, defense of democracy, and autonomy of the metropolis, among others. The demonstrators set off from Victoria Park towards the financial street of the Central district.

    It was the first march since August, organized by the Human Rights Front, which was permitted by the Hong Kong police authorities.

     “Most people in Hong Kong are against the government, and the government has not listened to Hong Kong citizens and our five demands”- says resident of Hong Kong.

    “I am proud of all Hong Kong residents. We will never surrender. We will not surrender in the face of police violence. Many people have been imprisoned, many have been injured, some have lost their lives. We can not accept it. “- says a resident of Hong Kong
    Meanwhile, Hong Kong police said they have been confiscating semi-automatic firearms after carrying out searches among the oppositionists.

     “In the Happy Valley area, we found a 9mm semi-automatic firearm. In addition, we found five boxes with cartridges. We found a total of 105 bullets at the house. According to our findings, the goal was to use today’s demonstration as an excuse to use firearms to cause unrest”- says Li Kwai-Wah, Hong Kong Police spokesperson.

    Massive anti-government protests have been going on in Hong Kong since June, and there are regular clashes with police and vandalism on the streets. Hong Kong residents are demanding, among other things, democratic election of the region’s authorities and an independent investigation into police actions that they accuse of abusing violence against demonstrators.


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