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    Ukrainian ambassador: If everyone had reacted like Poland, there would not have been so many casualties

    “We emphasize all the time that if all democratic countries had reacted as Poland had done, this war would not have lasted long and there would not have been so many casualties. The attitude of the Poles, I mean, the speed of their reaction, the defence of international law, help for people in need. It illustrates what European solidarity should look like. Such behaviour should be the basis of the European Union because only this will ensure our security in the future,” Vasyl Zvarych, Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland, says in an interview with “Gazeta Polska.”

    “In my opinion, Poland understands well the situation in which we currently find ourselves. In your history (Polish history – PD24) you have fought for independence and statehood many times. You trust and support people who defend their country with determination. This spirit of solidarity is very evident now. You have opened your homes, and your hearts to the women and children of Ukraine, and this is a very strong foundation for our relations now and in the future. We will never forget this help and will always refer to the solidarity we received from the Poles,” the diplomat emphasizes in an interview with Tomasz Sakiewicz.


    “I guess all Ukrainian citizens already know what a Polish AHS Krab or a Polish ‘Piorun’ are. I often emphasize that Polish weapons in Ukrainian hands testify to the true brotherhood of arms. This is noticed by everyone in Ukraine,” Zvarych adds.


    The whole interview will be available tomorrow in “Gazeta Polska,” the Polish weekly or on our website. 

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