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    Robert Karaś – the definite leader of the 10xIronman!

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    Robert Karaś continues to push the limits of human ability. The 33-year-old continues to fight his way through the 10xIronman course in beautiful style. He fights for the historic record.

    Karaś is a living legend of the Polish triathlon. In the past, he has broken world records on the route of a five- or three-time Ironman.

    A few days ago, he took on an even more difficult challenge. The Pole is taking part in the world championships in the 10xIronman. Participants must cover 38 kilometres by swimming, 1,800 kilometres by cycling and 422 kilometres by running. The competition began at 6 pm on Sunday.

    Already during the swim Karaś developed a gigantic advantage over the other triathletes. The Pole competed for more than 60 hours without a break. Only on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday did he decide to take a nap lasting about 1.5 hours.

    After a short rest, Karaś returned to the route. He has already travelled more than 1,500 kilometres on the bike, maintaining a phenomenal pace of 30 km/h.

    Another participant from Poland is also presenting excellently. Adrian Kostera is currently in third place in the Swiss Ultra Triathlon competition.

    When the athletes finish the cycling part, they will still have 422 km left to run. The standard distance of the Ironman, the most prestigious triathlon competition in the world, is 3.8 km in the water, 180 km on the bike and 42.2 km running. That’s already hell. Karaś, meanwhile, is tackling the Ironman distance ten times! That is 38 km swim, 1800 km bike and 422 km run.

    Robert Karaś is a Polish triathlete. Champion and world record holder in Ultra Triathlon at the distance of a five-time Ironman (2021), a triple Ironman (2018) and a double Ironman (2017, 2019). Polish record holder at the Ironman distance (2019).

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