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    A man was chasing a scooter rider with a machete. He was apprehended

    The incident occurred at around 2 am on the Vistulan Boulevards. The city guards patrolling the area were approached by upset passers-by and reported that not far away someone was running around with a sharp tool and accosting people walking by.

    When the guards went in the direction indicated, they saw a man running after a person riding a scooter with a machete in his hand. They shouted for him to discard the tool and stay where he was. The man threw the machete into the alley and started to run away towards the Sheraton Hotel. The guards, after a short chase, apprehended him and handcuffed him. 


    And just when it seemed that this was the end of the intervention, his younger colleague suddenly emerged from the darkness. He was aggressive and was carrying an air rifle. He struggled and tried to spring his companion. He was quickly overpowered and also handcuffed.


    The young men, aged 19 and 16 respectively, were handed over to the police officers called to the scene.





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