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    Russian troops are increasingly weaker in the Kherson Oblast

    Russian offensive capabilities in Kherson Oblast have degraded even further, the US-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW) wrote in a recent report.

    “Ukraine’s Southern Operational Command stated that a 10-person Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group attempted assault operations in Kherson Oblast, suggesting that Russian offensive capabilities in the region have degraded even further,” the ISW has stressed.


    The institute explained that the 10-person group is too small to operate effectively as a manoeuvre unit. Therefore, if the Southern Command has correctly stated the group’s size and purpose, it would mean that Russian ground forces have degraded to such an extent that they are attempting too limited offensive operations to have a significant effect.


    The ISW also noted that the volunteer battalions that make up the Russian army are being prepared for offensive operations, but are unlikely to have sufficient combat potential to make a physical difference on the battlefield. According to the institute, this is due, among other things, to the not very high level of training of these formations.


    According to the Institute, these battalions are likely to be redeployed to Ukraine to resume offensive operations on the Donetsk city axis, where the aggressor’s forces have stalled in the vicinity of Marinka, Pisky and Avdiivka, as well as in the south of the country.



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