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    Poland to offer Germany crude oil surplus

    Poland will supply Germany with any crude oil surplus it has after meeting domestic needs, the Climate Ministry told the Polish Press Agency.

    Talks with Berlin on crude oil supplies to Germany via Poland’s infrastructure are continuing, the ministry said answering PAP’s questions on cooperation with Germany after its government regained control over the Schwedt refinery in which the Russians have shares.


    “Poland envisages providing the German side with a full surplus of crude oil between the needs of domestic refineries and the technical capabilities of our infrastructure,” the ministry added.


    At the same time, the ministry said that it “welcomes” the recent German decision to put Rosneft Deutschland GmbH (the Schwedt refinery – PAP) under the trusteeship of the German industry regulator.


    The Schwedt refinery in which the Russian company Rosneft holds 37.5 per cent of shares, is the main supplier of petroleum products to Berlin and Brandenburg. Crude oil for refineries is supplied from Russia through Poland via the Druzhba pipeline operated by the PERN Group. Rosneft controls 12 per cent of the refining industry in Germany.


    Asked by PAP whether Polish companies, for example, PERN or PKN Orlen, will acquire some of the shares in the Schwedt refinery, the climate ministry replied that “decisions regarding the investment are made by the companies themselves, depending on their possibilities and anticipated benefits.”


    In late June, Climate Minister Anna Moskwa said that Poland would only help supply oil to Germany’s PCK Schwedt refinery if Rosneft was completely removed as a shareholder.

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