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    'Home office' to be included in the Labour Code

    Marlena Malag, the family and social policy minister, said on Tuesday that the government wants to permanently add remote working to the Labour Code to make it easier for people to work from home.

    The minister, speaking on public television channel TVP1 referred to a news story in the Rzeczpospolita newspaper claiming that the government wants to encourage remote working practices in small towns threatened by marginalisation.


    “First of all, we are striving to ensure that remote work is permanently included in the Labour Code,” she said. “Today, remote work solutions are binding under Covid regulations. Since we introduced remote work during a pandemic so that the state and the economy could continue to function. This proved to work.


    “Today, changes to remote work (laws – ed.) are already in the Sejm, a subcommittee is working on this now. These works are continuing, as they make changes to the Labour Code,” the minister explained.


    Malag added that flexible forms of working are beneficial to pro-family policy and “remote work provides one such solution”.


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