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    KGHM Polska Miedź supports Polish athletes

    27 talented Polish athletes, including 14 from Lower Silesia, have received scholarships under this year’s edition of the “Miedziane Rywalizacje” (English: Copper Rivalry) program. The support is awarded by KGHM starting in 2019 for outstanding sporting achievements and work to achieve better and better results.

    Among the awarded athletes were those who participated in the 2021 Olympic Games or the World and European Championships. This year’s scholarships also went to rowers, freshly crowned World Champions in the men’s quadruple sculls. This is the first medal for Poland in this competition in 13 years. It is a group of rowers composed of Fabian Baranski, Miroslaw Zietarski, Mateusz Biskup, and Dominik Czaja. Scholarships were also awarded to rowing representatives Joanna Dittmann, Szymon Pośnik, Michal Szpakowski, shooters Klaudia Breś, Tomasz Bartnik and Daniel Romańczyk or the épée fencer Ewa Trzebińska.


    The event, which took place at the KGHM headquarters in Lubin, was also attended by athletes from the Zagłębie Miedziowe (English: Copper Mining Region): Paweł Czyżyk (boxing), Wiesław Kiwacki (strength sports), Martyna Kierczyńska (martial arts), Jakub Michalski (weightlifting), Adela Piskorska (swimming), Martyna Śrutwa (tennis), Andżelika Wójcik (speed skating).



    Scholars of the “Copper Rivalry” scholarships emphasize that the help they receive from KGHM translates into sports results. 


    “Professional sports require a professional approach and commitment, and this goes hand in hand with a financial outlay. The scholarship support I received under the “Copper Rivalries” program translated fully into sports results. The combination of this effort and the demanding work underground is proof that everything is possible to achieve. You just need to have the right support,” Pawel Czyzyk, a KGHM employee and professional boxer, said.


    In addition to its proprietary scholarship program, KGHM is an active patron of Polish sports. The copper company includes in its patronage important events concerning physical activity at local, national, and international levels. The Copper Company is the main sponsor and owner of the KGHM Zagłębie Lubin football club. It financially supports professional volleyball or basketball clubs, as well as amateur teams.


    For years, KGHM has been one of the sponsors of the Piast Race in Jakuszyce. The company supports running events and helps local sports organizations whose members include KGHM Group employees. The Company also promotes a healthy lifestyle, financially supports the training of children and young people, and integrates young athletes from different parts of the region.


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