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    World Fruit and Vegetable Day

    October 21 marks World Fruit and Vegetable Day. On this occasion, nutritionists extend their thanks and good wishes to the producers. The holiday is an opportunity to remind us that vegetables and fruits should make up half of each of our meals and are therefore the basis of nutrition. For all lovers of fruits and vegetables, a website has also been created, where the results of monitoring the consumption of the most popular species are published every month.

    “On behalf of the editors and readers of the portal, I would like to extend my sincere wishes to all producers of fruits and vegetables. As nutritionists, we understand the challenges of nutrition education. It is worth talking a lot about the quality of domestic food and the contribution of agriculture to the health of Poles. It is worth talking about not only on the occasion of World Fruit and Vegetable Celebration Day. May your work bear more fruit every year,” Dr Justyna Bylinowska, editor-in-chief of the largest portal for nutritionists, wishes.


    “Producers and processors provide us with >>wonderful medicines<< - vegetables and fruits. Together, we take on the challenges of nutrition education so that food becomes an effective and common medicine for all of us. As editors of Food Forum magazine, and on behalf of our readers - nutritionists and those interested in healthy eating - on World Fruit and Vegetable Day, we thank you - and wish you every success in your shared mission."


    “Vegetables and fruits are an indispensable part of a healthy diet. Their consumption in Poland is still too low. Joint action by representatives of science, nutritionists and producers will lead to a change in this situation,” employees of the Department of Human Nutrition and students of the SKN Human Nutrition signed.


    The nutrition plate is a very practical symbol of nutrition education. Poles have it in front of them, every day – 100 million times. It suggestively shows the role of vegetables in meals. Kantar’s research shows that it can challenge the well-being of respondents. This is because the initial people, highly rate the quality of their food, the proportion of vegetables and fruits, as well as their nutritional knowledge, although only 12% get it from nutritionists and doctors. Most compatriots believe they eat well and eat enough vegetables and fruits. But 3/4 of Poles do not know how much they should eat. The plate suggests what well-balanced meals should look like.


    As a sector, fruit and vegetable producers monitor the quality of Poles’ diets and declarations of vegetable and fruit consumption. The research is carried out by Kantar Public.


    “We are very pleased that the results of these surveys – conducted on behalf of the National Association of Producer Groups of Fruits and Vegetables from 2019 – are of increasing interest not only to journalists but also to representatives of the industry, which is having its celebration today. With a view to all those who want to know what the consumption of fruits and vegetables is like in our country, we have launched the website, which you are cordially invited to visit,” Agata Zadrożna, Kantar Public expert, says.


    World Fruit and Vegetable Day is celebrated on the third Friday in October. It’s like a celebration of “half of what we should eat.” After all, vegetables and fruits should make up half of each of our meals. We recommend all consumers celebrate “fruit and vegetable day” every day. For health and beauty.


    The study was financed from the funds of the Fruit and Vegetable Promotion Fund as part of the implementation by the National Union of Fruit and Vegetable Producer Groups of the project “CORE TEAM – promotion of fruit and vegetable consumption and sector cooperation forum, 2nd edition.”


    The project is implemented under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.


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