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    As part of the global development of its activities, Coventry University will open a research center in Poland

    Coventry University has announced the opening of the Coventry University Research Institute Europe (CURIE) which will extend the university’s activities beyond the already operating campus in Poland. It will conduct research and development works in Wrocław and build competences corresponding to the contemporary challenges of the market.

    In 2020, Coventry University was the first British university to open a branch in Poland. Currently, it educates students with an IT and business profile in Wrocław. Building on the successes of teaching and learning, the Group has launched the Coventry University Research Institute Europe (CURIE), with the ambition of broadening the scope of the Wroclaw campus to undertake research activities. Over time, local scientists and researchers will work with potential partners and collaborators based in Poland and across Europe to resolve some of the world’s grand challenges, such as clean growth and future mobility. CURIE will complement the Group’s existing educational offer by taking research expertise from the university’s sixteen UK-based research centres and embed aspects of their knowledge and expertise into the work of researchers based in Wroclaw.

    Coventry University’s experts are currently working on delivering sustainability solutions, focused on clean growth, digital transformation, future mobility, and cyber security by exchanging their ideas and sharing their knowledge with government organisations, policymakers, industry partners, and other researchers. Scientists employed in Wrocław will collaborate with researchers in Great Britain and partners of the university in Europe on scientific ventures related to the problems of the modern world, related to, for example, green transformation or the future of transport.

    Coventry University already carries out extensive research of international scope, providing innovative solutions to global challenges. According to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) study, conducted in 2021 among British universities by The Times Higher Education, 70% of research and development works carried out at this university were classified as leading on an international scale.



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