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    Police pursuit through the streets of Sosnowiec. The shots were fired

    Police officers from Sosnowiec stopped after a chase of a 46-year-old man who had failed to stop for traffic control. While fleeing, he hit an officer, who fired two shots at the car’s wheel with his gun. The driver had more than two per cent of alcohol in his system.

    According to police reports, on Friday at around 7.30 p.m. Sosnowiec, traffic police officers on Nowopogonska Street attempted to stop a Seat for a road check. Seeing the uniformed officers, the driver accelerated rapidly and started to flee through the streets of the Pogoń district. Uniformed officers immediately rushed after him, using sound and light signals. Despite this, the man did not intend to stop. 


    He drove onto DK 94, from where, passing the Środula district, he entered the Zagórze district. As he found himself in an area where he could already pose a serious threat to both pedestrians and other drivers, police officers decided to ram his car. When the vehicle, which was pressed against the fence, came to a halt on Dworska Street, the policeman tried to pull the driver out of the vehicle. However, as soon as he approached the Seat, the driver decided to continue running away. He did not even heed the fact that while reversing, he bumped the policeman with his open door. At this point, the uniformed officer decided to use his gun and fired twice at the wheel of the car, effectively, as it turns out, and the fleeing vehicle was quickly stopped on the adjacent street. 


    After it was rammed again, the car was completely immobilised and the police officers apprehended the 46-year-old. No one involved in the incident was seriously injured. The man will be brought to trial for fleeing from uniformed officers, driving under the influence of alcohol and violating the bodily integrity of a police officer. He may face up to five years in prison for this. The court decided to remand him in custody for two months.


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