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    The 9th edition of I.J. Paderewski International Festival

    Traditionally, in the first half of November, Warsaw’s concert halls will resound with the sounds of the works of Ignacy Jan Paderewski, a genius pianist, valued composer and one of the main authors of Polish independence. All thanks to the I. J. Paderewski International Festival – an event that has gained immense popularity among Warsaw music lovers over the years.

    The I. J. Paderewski International Festival is the one of the most important cyclical cultural events in Poland. Its mission is to restore, after years of neglect, the memory of one of the greatest Polish patriots, world-famous pianist, composer, statesman, diplomat, politician and philanthropist – Ignacy Jan Paderewski. A man who, more than anyone else, contributed to Poland’s regaining independence, who, using his extraordinary musical talent, international fame and extensive influence, led to the revival of our homeland.

    “Ignacy Jan Paderewski is an absolutely unique figure in the history of our country. He is not only a great artist who has achieved enormous international success, he is a hero, a national symbol that we should be proud of forever. His altruistic attitude is the best example of patriotism.”,  Director of the I.J. Paderewski International Festival, Wiesław Dąbrowski says.

    In the times of the former system, Paderewski’s brand was depreciated. Not only was his musical legacy forgotten, but also the fact that it was Paderewski – the idol of the global audience, who had a real impact on the interest of the President of the United States and the American government in the Polish issue after the First World War. Taking advantage of his popularity and universal recognition, Paderewski, with the support of Woodrow Wilson, conducted the victorious battle for Polish independence at the Conference in Versailles, which he later signed as Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the government of the Second Republic of Poland. This famous document is, of course, the Treaty of Versailles. The overriding mission of the I. J. Paderewski International Festival is not only to recall the greatest works of the event’s patron but also to nurture the memory of his memorable achievements for his homeland.

    Over the years, the International Paderewski Festival has gained great sympathy among the inhabitants of Warsaw and has found a permanent place in the cultural space of the capital of Poland. The festival not only provides unforgettable symphonic, chamber and educational concerts with the participation of world-class artists, it also provides documentary screenings, thematic exhibitions and the publication of CD and DVD releases.

    A galaxy of stars that are applauded in concert halls around the world were invited to participate in this year’s 9th edition of the festival, including the Morpheus Saxophone Quartet, the Polish string quartet from Berlin Polish String Quartet Berlin, Simphonia Iuventus conducted by Marek Wroniszewski, the piano duo from Ukraine Oleg Kopeluk and Ihor Sediuk and Ihor Sediuk. one of the leading saxophonists with the Piotr Baron Quintet. These are only some of the attractions prepared by the organizers.

    “As part of this year’s festival, we have planned, among others, a concert for young people, in which young laureates of music competitions will perform, and educational and music workshops for children prepared by the MUNIANIA Foundation entitled “Moniuszko na uszko”. On November 29, 2022, we invite you to the Royal Theater in Łazienki for the performance “W hołdzie Modrzejewskiej i Paderewskiemu”, in which Maria Niklińska, Dariusz Odija and Michał Szymanowski will perform. In addition, we are planning screenings of films documenting Paderewski’s life and work, as well as thematic exhibitions. Everyone will find something for themselves in our festival.”, Director of the I.J. Paderewski International Festival, Wiesław Dąbrowski adds.


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