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    “Vue Storefront” from Wrocław received The Europas Tech Startup Award

    “Vue Storefront”, a technology company founded in Wrocław that creates software for companies designed to create fast, modern and effective websites for online stores received the Europas Tech Startup Award 2022 in the category of the hottest technology startup on the e-commerce and retail market.

    The Europas, one of the most prestigious technology plebiscites in Europe, presents awards to the most ambitious and most successful startups on the Old Continent. Among the winners of the plebiscite held for the fourteenth time were are companies such as Spotify, wise, SoundCloud, Deliveroo and Starling.

    “As the first institutional investor of Vue Storefront, I am delighted to see the development and success of the founding team. The fact that they won the title of the best European startup in the e-commerce industry does not surprise me at all. It is a Polish company that will define the global e-commerce market in the coming years, and its development potential is unlimited.”, says Borys Musielak, Partner at SMOK Ventures.

    In October 2021, Vue Storefront raised USD 17.4 million in round A of funding – in that time, one of the largest Polish startups in history.

    Vue Storefront, being the name of both the company and the software, is a composable commerce solution currently used by over 1.4 thousand stores around the world. Vue Storefront is the world’s leading frontend solution for creating faster, higher-quality and customer-centric online store pages. It is a composable commerce cloud technology, created mainly for mobile devices, which combines e-commerce platforms with headless content management systems, payment systems, search service providers and other external services.

    Vue Storefront is a pioneering solution in the Frontend-as-a-Service (FEaaS) model, under which companies receive tools to create an immersive and intuitive digital environment for customers. This allows them to extend the time they spend on the website, increase conversion rates and increase revenues. Vue Storefront was established in 2021 and has offices in Warsaw and San Francisco. Currently, its products are used by over 1.4 thousand online stores and over 100 partner agencies around the world.


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