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    Offshore Wind Poland Conference 2022

    The offshore wind energy sector can be one of the cornerstones of Poland’s energy transition towards a low-carbon economy. Furthermore, the development of this sector represents a significant opportunity for the development of the domestic supply chain, which will contribute to Poland’s economic growth and independence from raw materials imported from the Russian Federation. Poland may become the largest OWE market in the Baltic Sea with a capacity of up to 28 GW. Experts will talk about how to use the potential of offshore wind farms on November 16-17 during the annual PWEA – Offshore Wind Poland Conference.

    At this autumn’s Offshore Wind Poland Conference 2022, you will learn:

    • what is the real potential of offshore wind energy in Poland,
    • what regulatory changes are necessary to unlock it,
    • what the productivity of new offshore areas can be.

    The conference will feature the premiere of the latest report, commissioned by PWEA, entitled “Offshore Wind Energy Potential in Poland. “The Potential of Offshore Energy in the Baltic Sea”.

    We invite you to the Offshore Wind Poland Conference to discuss key aspects related to offshore wind energy development in Poland.

    During Offshore Wind Poland (November 16-17, 2022), there will be a premiere of the latest report prepared at the request of the Polish Wind Energy Association, entitled “The potential of offshore energy in the Baltic Sea”. The report will re-evaluate the potential in terms of installed capacity and energy production of the current areas enabling the implementation of offshore wind farms. The study will also indicate new areas for potential investments, which will require a large involvement of investors, the state and financial resources in order to implement them effectively.

    This year’s Offshore Wind Poland Conference will also make it possible to confront the existing legal regulations in the field of planning and construction of offshore investments with those necessary for the first power output by 2025. What can the new areas for offshore investments be productive, and what is the progress in the work on Phase I projects? The November meeting will indicate where we are and what actions to take so that offshore farms can contribute to energy security as soon as possible.

    How to use the potential of offshore wind energy in Poland? You will find out about it on November 16-17 during Offshore Wind Poland in Warsaw. Summarized Conference Agenda:

    1. How to use the potential of Polish maritime areas and stimulate offshore wind development in Poland?
    2. Is it profitable for Poland to utilize the potential of the Baltic Sea?
    3. What should Phase III of offshore wind development in Poland look like in the context of RePower EU’s assumptions and the European experience?
    4. Economics of Phase I offshore wind projects in Poland
    5. Local content – challenges for the supply chain
    6. Challenges of the building permit process for OWF
    7. What legal solutions are necessary to facilitate the development of offshore wind projects in Poland?
    8. Floating wind turbines – part of Phase II or Phase III?
    9. New maritime areas for OWF – planning restrictions, potential of installed capacity



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