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    Recidivist who stole and mistreated horse to face many years in prison

    Police officers arrested a 21-year-old man who had stolen a horse from a pasture and then hit it in the head with an axe. The animal fortunately escaped. The man reoffended and, therefore, will face a sentence of up to seven and a half years imprisonment.

    On Sunday afternoon, 6 November 2022, at one of the properties in the municipality of Cieladz, a Polish horse breeder noticed that a friend of his had entered the pasture with horses. The man pulled out a stake with a chain and ran away with one of the mares. The owner of the animal immediately started chasing the thief. When he entered his property, a frightened horse with a bloody nostril ran out of the yard. It turned out that the 21-year-old, tied up the animal and hit the horse in the head with an axe. The horse broke free from its harness and ran away. The thief seeing the horse owner, hid in the house and then fled from it through a window in an unknown direction. Police officers apprehended an inhabitant of the Cieladz municipality, who had committed the theft of the horse. The 21-year-old, in order to defend himself, falsely accused two other men who were supposed to have helped him in this procedure. Of course, this was a lie.


    According to the police report, the thief was taken into police custody. The foal mare is under the observation of a veterinarian. It turned out that the man already had a record and, therefore, reoffended. The man has already heard the following charges: theft of a horse, mistreatment of an animal with particular cruelty and false accusation. At the prosecutor’s request, the court applied for temporary custody of the suspect for three months. The man faces a penalty of up to seven and a half years imprisonment for the alleged offences.


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