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    Will Magdalena Biejat MP be dismissed from the chair of Sejm commission?

    Magdalena Biejat, an MP of the left wing Together party is in the sights of the ruling Law and Justice. They want her dismissed as president of the parliamentary Commission for Social Matters and Family. Biejat supports liberal abortion laws. Her radical views caused controversy when she was her appointed.

     A motion to dismiss the chairman of the Commission for Social Matters and Family, Magdalena Biejat was filed by MPs from the Law and Justice party on Thursday , but the issue has been a hot topic since Biejat was elected to this position.

     “Magdalena Biejat is a very open politician. She has her views, but she respects everyone’s opinions. She’s definitely a politician of dialogue, she understands that both sides have different standpoints and that they can collide with each other. She’s going to be a great chairman of the commission for sure, she lets everyone have a say on important issues”- says Maciej Gdula, The Left.

    The MP of the Left is to be replaced by Ursula Rusecka from the Law and Justice who served in this capacity during the last term of office. Today, neither the chairman nor the candidate from Law and Justice commented on the matter.

     “We would obviously prefer our own candidate for this position, Mr. Grzegorz Braun, but it’s good that a representative of the left is no longer going to be the head of the commission for the family, as she clearly has a pro-abortion view”- says Artur Dziambor, The Confederation party.

    According to the parliamentary regulations, Magdalena Biejat has now 30 days to call for the commission to sit. If she fails to do so, it will be done by the speaker of the parliament.


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