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    Adam Glapiński: the Polish economy is doing well

    The president of the Polish Central Bank Adam Glapiński reported in an article for Rzeczpospolita daily that despite the continuation of the global economic slowdown, the Polish economy remains one of the fastest developing.

    As Glapiński emphasized in his article, Poland owed its effective resistance to the ingenuity of Poles and Polish companies, as well as to proper macroeconomic policy. The president of the central bank reminded that in recent quarters global economic growth has fallen to around 3 percent, which is the lowest level since the global economic crisis. In Germany, economic growth slowed down to 0.6 percent and in the euro area to 1.2 percent. At the same time, GDP growth in Poland was high and amounted to 4 percent. “We have proved again that we are able to avoid reefs of global economic decline and remain in the lead of the fastest-developing countries with economic growth being threefold higher than in the euro zone,” Glapinski noted (quoted by Polish Press Agency). The country’s economic growth will stand at around 3 percent this year.


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