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    A Ukrainian Paralympian regained his eyesight after 30 years with the help of doctors from Katowice

    A 55-year-old Ukrainian saw only movement and light because of burns in both eyeballs. He has not been able to walk independently due to the accident and his wife Tamara must have taken care of him. After 30 years, Ukrainian Paralympian Serhij Sydorenko regained his eyesight with the help of doctors from Katowice.

    Together with his family, Serhij Sydorenko left war-torn Ukraine, where he had no chance of recovery. He came to Katowice, where he was diagnosed and qualified for the waiting list for surgery.

    One day after the surgery, Serhij Sydorenko got his eyesight back.

    “I’m starting a new life”, said the patient.

    Although he did not give up his passion for sport and won medals in judo twice at the Paralympic Games in Sydney and Beijing, he needed professional help.

    The surgery was performed by an eminent ophthalmologist, Prof. dr hab. Edward Wylęgała, Head of the Chair and Ophthalmology Clinic Medical University of Silesia Katowice Poland and Vice Rector for Development and technology Transfer AT Medical University of Silesia.

    The doctor performed the corneal endosperm removal, combined with the removal of the obscured lens and transplantation of the American artificial cornea, type Boston 1.

    As added by Prof. dr hab. Wylęgała, it was one of the most touching moments in his professional career.

    “I will never forget the way he looked his wife in the eyes. I will never forget that look of happiness in those healthy eyes. It was a special moment. The patient will now be able to function normally”.

    he said.

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