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    Accessing the Central Voters Register in Poland: Over Two Million Checks via the mObywatel App

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    Poland’s Ministry of Digitalization has reported that over two million Poles have used the mObywatel application to verify their voter registration details in the Central Voters Register. This digital initiative has seen a significant uptake, showcasing the public’s enthusiasm for an efficient and user-friendly system for election preparations.

    Checking Voter Information

    Through the “Elections” service within the mObywatel app or the government’s official website, voters can easily confirm their polling station. Notably, citizens registered at a permanent residence within a municipality are automatically assigned to the corresponding voting precinct.

    If a voter moves to a different municipality, their default voting address changes accordingly. However, individuals can request a change through the app, and this process is expedited, with decisions made within five days by local authorities.

    Important Deadlines

    Requests to change the voting location or obtain a voting certificate must be submitted between the 44th and 3rd day before the election day. No changes can be made on the day of the elections.

    To vote abroad, citizens must apply to be added to the voter list maintained by consulates. Valid Polish passports or traditional ID cards are required for voting, with mobile ID cards (mDowodem) being accepted within Poland.

    Assurances have been made regarding the security of data within the Central Voters Register, ensuring the protection of citizens’ personal information.

    Poland’s Central Voters Register, accessible through the mObywatel app and government websites, has garnered substantial interest, making it easier for citizens to participate in the electoral process. This initiative represents a significant step towards a more digitally connected and efficient democracy.

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