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    Adam Małysz: A Ski Jumping Icon’s 46th Birthday

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    Today marks a significant milestone for Adam Małysz, the renowned ski jumper and current president of the Polish Ski Association (PZN). Celebrating his 46th birthday on December 3, Małysz has left an indelible mark on winter sports.

    Małysz’s Illustrious Career

    Born in Wisła, Poland, Małysz’s legacy spans both skiing and motorsports. A four-time Olympic medalist, four-time individual world champion, and four-time winner of the World Cup, he made history as the first athlete to secure the Crystal Globe three consecutive times. Małysz also triumphed as the first Pole to win the prestigious Four Hills Tournament.

    Leading the Way at PZN

    Since June 25, 2022, Małysz has been steering the ship as the president of the Polish Ski Association. Beyond his athletic achievements, he brings leadership and passion to the development of skiing in Poland.

    Birthday Wishes for the Icon

    On this special day, fans and admirers are invited to extend their birthday wishes to the skiing legend. Małysz’s impact on the sport and his new role as PZN president make this celebration even more noteworthy.

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