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    Additional €48.5 Million Allocated to Interreg NEXT Poland-Ukraine 2021-2027 Program

    The European Commission has approved an extra €48.5 million for the Interreg NEXT Poland-Ukraine 2021-2027 program. Learn how this funding will support strategic projects and enhance cross-border cooperation between the two countries.

    The European Commission has announced its decision to provide an additional €48.5 million in funding to the Interreg NEXT Poland-Ukraine 2021-2027 program. This boost in funding stems from reallocated resources originally designated for European Territorial Cooperation programs involving Russia and Belarus.

    As per the decision of the monitoring committee, these supplementary funds will be directed towards financing non-competitive strategic projects within the new “Accessibility” Priority and the “Borders” Priority.

    Under the Accessibility Priority, the financed projects will focus on road and rail transportation, aligning with the concept of solidarity corridors between the European Union and Ukraine. Efforts are currently underway to update the program in this specific domain.

    The European Commission has set a target to approve the amended program by the end of 2023.

    Operating within the scope of the “European Territorial Cooperation” (Interreg) objective, as well as the Instrument for Neighborhood and International Cooperation and Development (ISRWM), the Interreg NEXT Poland-Ukraine 2021-2027 program seeks to bolster cross-border developmental processes along the Poland-Ukraine border. The program is intended for Polish and Ukrainian border regions, as well as non-profit institutions originating from these areas. The European Union has allocated a total of €187.4 million for the program, including €170.3 million designated for various projects.

    Originally composed of five priorities—Environment, Health, Tourism, Cooperation, and Borders—the program has now been expanded to include a new priority: Accessibility.

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