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    AI and Remote Sensing Revolutionize Forest Management

    Polish researchers at IDEAS NCBR have developed an AI-driven tool to manage forests using remote sensing technologies. This solution enhances precision forestry by analyzing tree health, biodiversity, and ecosystem changes through detailed laser scanning and satellite imagery.

    Leveraging Advanced Technologies

    By combining AI with geomatics and various remote sensing methods, including ALS and CIR imaging, scientists can monitor forest conditions accurately. These methods provide insights into the impact of climate change, invasive species, and forest growth modeling.

    Case Studies and Applications

    In the Białowieża Forest, traditional field measurements were compared with remote sensing data, resulting in more precise tree species mapping. This method also assessed species diversity before and after a bark beetle outbreak, demonstrating the technology’s effectiveness.

    Future Implications

    The integration of AI and advanced technologies in forestry opens new avenues for sustainable forest management. However, researchers highlight the need for long-term project maintenance and knowledge transfer to fully realize these innovations’ potential.

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