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    Animal Helper App Launches in Greater Poland

    Rescuing animals in need just got easier with the launch of the Animal Helper app in Greater Poland on April 12th. Modeled after the emergency hotline 112, this app provides a 24/7 lifeline for distressed animals, receiving nearly 3,000 calls within its first six months of operation.

    Filling a Crucial Gap

    In Poland, the absence of a dedicated hotline for animals has often left people uncertain about where to turn when encountering injured, lost, or abused animals. Animal Helper aims to bridge this gap, functioning akin to Emergency Response Centers, and reducing response times for animal emergencies.

    Animal Helper isn’t limited to household pets; it extends its aid to wild and farm animals too. From cases of pseudo-breeding to outright cruelty and neglect, the app serves as a conduit, swiftly connecting distress calls to the appropriate authorities and NGOs.

    Expanding Reach and Impact

    Initially launched in Greater Poland, the app’s coverage has since expanded to include Łódź, Silesia, and beyond. With plans to eventually cover the entire country, Animal Helper is poised to become a vital tool in safeguarding animal welfare nationwide. Co-founded by Adam Van Bendler, known for his philanthropy and humor, the app embodies a mission to both rescue and uplift.

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