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    Another Mysterious Night Fire: Nine Trucks Destroyed

    Nine trucks burned in a mysterious night fire in Górki, Pomerania. No injuries reported. Investigation ongoing.

    In Górki, located in the Kwidzyn County of Pomerania, a devastating fire broke out in the early hours of Friday. At approximately 2:30 AM, emergency services received a distress call reporting the blaze. By the time firefighters arrived, nine trucks with trailers were engulfed in flames. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.

    Firefighting Efforts

    According to the press officer of the Kwidzyn Police, asp. Anna Filar, ten units of the State Fire Service (PSP) from Gdańsk were dispatched to combat the inferno. Despite their rapid response and efforts, the fire consumed all nine vehicles completely. The cause of the fire remains unknown as authorities continue their investigation to determine the origin of the blaze.

    Investigation Ongoing

    The incident has raised concerns and questions among the local community, given the scale of the destruction and the timing of the fire. Police are diligently working to uncover the circumstances that led to this significant loss of property. Further updates are expected as the investigation progresses.

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