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    Art: A Unifying Force Beyond Boundaries

    Art, a wellspring of inspiration and excitement, holds a magical sway over us. The ability of paintings and sculptures to convey emotions and provoke profound reactions is nothing short of enchanting. This magic is amplified when we encounter art that not only captivates our eyes but carries a deeper, more profound message. The third edition of the Artistic Festival “We Are United by Art” at Arche Hotel Częstochowa, open until October 22nd, is precisely one such experience that leaves an enduring impact.

    This exceptional exhibition unites a collection of paintings and sculptures by 16 artists rooted in the naive art movement, all of whom possess intellectual disabilities. By harmonizing their works with professional art, this exhibition is a veritable treat for art enthusiasts. The guiding principle behind this distinct showcase involves artist pairings to explore formal parallels and thematic cohesiveness.

    The driving force behind the Artistic Festival “We Are United by Art” is the collaborative endeavour of the Arche Group, the Wspólnota Arche Association, and the Lena Grochowska Foundation. Central to this initiative is the Foundation’s commitment to employing 70 individuals with intellectual disabilities. At the grand vernissage on October 8th, attendees from Częstochowa and the surrounding regions had the opportunity to delve deeper into the Foundation’s mission. 

    During the exhibition’s inauguration, a stimulating panel discussion on curating art collections took centre stage. Led by Monika Wojciechowska, the festival’s artistic curator and president of the Wspólnota Arche Association, this panel featured esteemed individuals such as Marek Kowalski, a distinguished art scholar from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw; Barbara Derda, an accomplished artist and painting instructor at the WTZ in Sochaczew; and Marcin Piasecki, a journalist and private art collector.

    The exhibition opening also included an exclusive opportunity for attendees to bid on the artworks of the exhibiting artists. The proceeds from the auction were channelled to support the Foundation, with half of the funds directly benefiting the artists.

    The event was further enhanced by a soul-stirring piano performance from a local artist, accompanied by delectable refreshments served by the Arche Hotel Częstochowa staff.

    The Artistic Festival “We Are United by Art” pays homage to artists often straddling these distinct artistic worlds. It underscores that these worlds are not as distinct as they might seem but can engage in a meaningful dialogue. This festival celebrates the human spirit, emphasizing the value of empathy, sensitivity, and openness to diverse experiences.

    The remarkable initiative by Lena and Władysław Grochowski, the Arche company, and the passionate team of enthusiasts supporting artists with disabilities is yielding splendid results. This initiative underscores art’s potential to bridge gaps, unite people, and celebrate creativity and the human spirit harmoniously.


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