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    Belarusian Arrested by ABW in Poland Linked to Neo-Nazi Groups

    Independent Belarusian media report that Sciapan K., a Belarusian citizen arrested by the Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW) in connection with recent arson attacks in Poland, is the son-in-law of a former Belarusian diplomat. Sciapan K., a former MMA fighter, is linked to neo-Nazi groups and organizations operating under the aegis of the Russian FSB.

    A few days ago, the National Prosecutor’s Office announced the arrest of three individuals—one Polish citizen and two Belarusians—in Warsaw, Pruszków, and the Pomeranian Voivodeship. These arrests are part of an investigation into espionage activities and are connected to a series of arson attacks across Poland. A total of eight individuals have been detained in the investigation.

    The newspaper “Rzeczpospolita” reported that the suspects set fire to an Italian restaurant in Gdynia with a Molotov cocktail in June 2023 and burned a warehouse in Marki near Warsaw in April 2024. They also attempted to set fire to a paint and plaster center in Gdańsk. These actions were allegedly commissioned by the Russian GRU and are linked to a Ukrainian man arrested by the ABW in January for planning an arson attack on a paint factory in Wrocław.

    Belsat TV, along with the organization of former Belarusian law enforcement officers BELPOL, conducted an investigative report revealing that Sciapan K. had a criminal past, including a conviction for mobile phone theft. Known by the pseudonym “Polak,” he has been associated for over a decade with neo-Nazi groups like “Combat-18” and “Blood&Honour,” as well as the “Espanyola” battalion, reportedly created by the FSB within Russian football fan circles. His recruitment allegedly stemmed from drug-related contacts in Belarus.

    Additionally, Sciapan K. is married to Kaciaryna Michniewicz, the daughter of Siarhiej Michniewicz, who served as the Belarusian Consul General in Gdańsk from 2013 until the consulate’s closure in 2018.

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