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    Belarusians Conduct Airborne Exercise Near Polish Border

    Belarusian army has undertaken parachute landing exercises at a training ground located just south of Brest. The training center is situated a little over three kilometers from the Bug River, which forms the border with Poland.

    The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus announced the commencement of these airborne training exercises, involving the country’s paratroopers.

    A brief update on Telegram revealed that the exercises, conducted by personnel from the 38th Brest Air Assault Brigade, are slated to span five days.

    “Newly commissioned lieutenants have already performed parachute jumps and embarked on a fifteen-kilometer march,” the statement read.

    Photographs released by the ministry depict the paratroopers conducting their jumps from helicopters, showcasing their adeptness in airborne operations.

    The training ground, located near the Bug River, which demarcates the border with Belarus, is separated by a little over three kilometers.

    These maneuvers highlight Belarus’s ongoing commitment to maintaining a strong military presence and readiness. While these exercises may be routine in nature, they inevitably draw attention due to the proximity of the training ground to the Polish border.

    Poland, a NATO member, has been closely monitoring the activities, with officials asserting the importance of transparency and adherence to international norms in such military exercises.

    The geopolitical context of the region underscores the significance of such demonstrations. Tensions have been evident in recent years, as neighboring countries navigate complex relationships and geopolitical interests.

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