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    Bike Sharing Revolutionizes Public Transport in GZM Metropolis

    Metrorower, the latest addition to the public transportation landscape in the Górnośląsko-Zagłębiowska Metropolis (GZM), has made a resounding debut, with 46,000 bike rentals in its first month. Leading the charge is Katowice, registering a staggering 26,000 rentals. With 1860 bikes initially deployed across eight cities, including Chorzów, Czeladź, Gliwice, and more, Metrorower aims to integrate biking seamlessly into daily commutes.

    Shifting Commuting Trends: Embracing Last Mile Connectivity

    With nearly 18,000 active accounts and over 11,000 users availing the service, Metrorower signifies a paradigm shift in commuting patterns. Integration with the Transport GZM accounts indicates growing reliance on bikes for last-mile connectivity, with 3682 individuals making 12.6 rentals each. The median ride duration of 14 minutes underscores its popularity as a complement to traditional public transit.

    Despite the current status as a supplementary mode of transport, Marcin Sałański, Nextbike spokesperson, sees immense potential for growth. With plans to expand across 31 municipalities and increase the fleet to 7000 bikes and 924 stations by mid-2024, Metrorower aims to become a ubiquitous feature of the GZM transport ecosystem.

    Innovative Features and Accessibility

    Metrorower’s fourth-generation network, featuring SmartBike 2.0 models equipped with GPS, offers a seamless renting experience. With user-friendly app interfaces and affordable pricing, including free daily rides for select pass holders, Metrorower is set to revolutionize urban mobility in the GZM Metropolis.

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