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    “Bloodline” by Sara James with a meaningful message

    The young singer Sara James wrote the lyrics for the song for the first time. It is based on her experiences with intolerance and lack of acceptance.

    The astonishing career of Sara James started in Poland but her popularity became worldwide after the participation in America’s Got Talent.

    It is worth mentioning that the idea for the her new song’s lyric came up to Sara because of the growing popularity and interests. After the world learned about her talent, it brought her many challenges and difficulties, especially connected with acceptance and intolerance.

    These experiences inspired her to write “Bloodline”.

    “When you thinking that the whole world sees you differently, don’t forget about the valuable words from those closest to you. Is it through these, we know, who we really are ❤️”

    It would be wonderful if her new song reached teenagers around the world. Sara created a stylish, minimalistic black-and-white music video to accompany the song’s release on streaming services.

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